Legit & price check on J's VII Bordeaux

Joined Jun 12, 2013
Hi guys!

A private individual was selling his pair of 7's bordeaux without the box. in a hurry I bought them but I'd like to get a legit & price check just to be sure I own a legit pair ..

Thanks !
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Joined Feb 19, 2013
Look legit to me but you might want a second opinion the back banner the 23 looks kinda sketchy
Joined Jun 12, 2013
I wasn't sure at all since I didn't pay much but I'm glad to read your answers, thanks guys
Joined May 13, 2013
Legit fam, stitching is good, the 23 on the the heels are correct, correct outsole, perforations are on point. The heel tabs are the right color and the overall shape looks good.
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