Lemme get your opinion on these...

Mar 17, 2007
i was thinkin bout buying these 14's but at the same time im not sure if i should waste my money on em.
Heres a link to the pics....


Can anybody also tell me how good of a shoe these are..
like if their comfortable and such.
save your money. I'd get some black toes or black/blue XIVs instead
WANTED: DS Retro XIVs size 9 or 9.5
if its the OG that ur getting, definetly get them, color might not be too appealing to some, but for me if i could find one in my size i would not even think a second about it.
I personally luv the OG XIV esp. the lows but its rare that i can find them, let alone its a low version.

Traction and Durability is better than the retro versions. Overall its a really good shoe, theres a few reviews lying around but its based on the mid version, so ankle support reviews will be different, but thats for every low. if u can still find the Kicksology Review package that i posted up (thx. to ppl. at Kenlu for postin up) not so long ago, the XIV review is in there.
its also on ISS, i think somebody posted it up too there.

Summary: buy it if u think u can't find another OG XIV Low, in ur size for a long time, then get it, but if u can, u should probably go for another colorway but same shoe, and if u don't like to play in lows then obviously don't get it.
If u like the colorway then definetly get it, as there aren't really anything bad about this shoe, as far as i know
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