Let Me In Now was pure crack

Joined Apr 24, 2005
Now baby girl got a rump on 'er, fo'-do' and a trunk on 'er
Low miles, no dents, title readin one owner
Some are wanna-be baller, baby daddies that don't want 'er
He ain't trippin 'til he see another %#$$% get on her
But she a good girl, actin bad when she need be
I wish you would girl, hit me so often she beep me
On some nelly, come meet me, it's the first lady
My president is out the country I need the vp
I'm in the white house, butt-naked and iced out
Turn the lights out, and I'm turnin your wife out
Same chick you jumped the broom with, throwin the rice out
Same cat shoppin with rats, throwin the mice out
I like 'em clumsy mo', just let everything hit the flo'
Not once, not twice, three times, but fo'
Each time, makin her knees touchin her elbows
I said, each time, lookin at me, yellin she want mo'
I'm like, ohh!

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