Let's recap your semester

Jun 3, 2007
now that we are at the end of the semester let's see how you did with some ups and downs.
Grades on the increase, not as much as last semester but my GPA should be better
Started smashing more girls, and turned my swag on
alot more
went to the bars a lot less

Parents getting divorced
Girlfriend left me
Uncle Passed
Almost got evicted

I think it wasn't a horrible semester, probably my worst yet but still.
Got a girlfriend that i actually like
Stopped drinking

my 3.86 GPA from last semester dropped
My gpa this semester was hopefully a 3.5...
I don't think I had any

-Made a few new friends.
-Broke my alcohol dry spell at exactly 1 year. Some of it was personal choice and some wasn't. It felt good to drink again.
-One class away from getting my degree for my major.

-Went out a few times (3-4 maybe).
-Grades went down this semester. Some of it being completely my fault, some being having #$$$*+# professors.
-Withdrew from my first class ever.
-Lose most of my friends to graduation.
-Another year without an internship.
-Missed out on a potential relationship as well as (()) that was thrown my way especially the other night (not being able to comprehend msgs. FTL).

Junior year rating:
out of 5

Gotta step it up for my senior year. No retreat, no surrender.

My gpa this semester was hopefully a 3.5...
I would take that in an instant seeing how far I droppedoff from last semester.
well lets see...

I Commuted
Registered for 4 classes and dropped 1
Made an A, B-, and a C+
I only had three classes and still couldnt get 3 A's
Passed up on alot of chicks because i didnt stay on campus and didnt see the point. I also dont have a car
Had to ride MARTA(public transportation) everyday
Glad my GPA didnt change at all though, i still have a 3.27
Didnt go to any parties or clubs (No car)
Had a really good time, all the time
My roommate didn't burn down the apartment (knock on wood)
My gpa went from a 3.0 last semester to a 3.2 this semester
Mom is proud

Failed stats but got an A in everything else
Mom will most likely not be proud

Edit: forgot to add, I tore my ACL during intramural basketball tryna relive the glory days - gained 15lbs
-Did well this semester. Already got 2 A's in Management Seminar and Marketing Policy now awaiting ACCT Systems, Strategic Managent, andIntermediateMicroeconomics. GPA should go way up this semester.
-My best semester ever, gradewise.
-Went out a lot this semester.

-Very tired...went to sleep most of the time after classes were over
-Only went home two times this semester....Spring break and Easter Break.
-Didn't really learn much from Accounting Systems due to my professor being out for cancer treatment (I wish him the best). But I still did what wasrequired from him.

Overall 4.4/5
My semester was great
. Although, I do have to take a course later this summer so I can graduate by thetime I'm 20.
My semester

-Still waiting on grades and final on tuesday for neuroanatomy, embryology, and law and ethics....I expect an A in all of them.
-I'm getting published for my research project

-Still need to complete 20 hours of volunteering and community service...getting 5 out of the way tomorrow morning educating the community on swineflu.

-Partied a lot, spent time with friends

-Minor Ls here and there
-I'm already burned out and I gotta start med school in July

I'm great at multitasking.

-I am finally graduating
-I'm pretty sure I made Dean's List this semester, still waiting for grades to come in
-Got accepted into Howard for grad school
-I have a possible job for the fall, interview next week *crosses fingers*

-I had to quit my job because my major dept was run by *@!+@$%# who only create classes in the morning-at a commuter school smh
-I took 19 credits so I wouldn't have to go to summer school
-My family split up and moved to different STATES, leaving me and my brother in VA by our lonesomes
-Major relationship issues w/ my bf...i miss him
-I had the MOST work to do and mostly slept and did hw
-Hardly went out at all
-Had to do 40 hrs in my practicum class that almost drove me insane
-I don't have a job before graduation like I would have wanted
-My friends keep having kids=they are hardly ever available to do non-mommy activities
-I'm graduating from my major early, which means I am not certified to teach elem. in VA, which limits my job choices much, but I just could not stay atthis University one more sec

I'll stop there
I graduate on Sunday and will receive my M.S. in Education
My final GPA is 4.0 on a 4.0 scale
One of my professors and I are going to expand part of my Master's thesis into an article for publication
I may be team teaching a course at the university in the fall

Shoulder surgery the day after the Super Bowl put a damper on my training
I crashed my bike yesterday
My grades are going to be better
I should have a good job this summer
I got my first car

I crashed my car
I got 3 tickets in 2months of having my car
I'm $4,000 in debt
Originally Posted by it is wat it is

My grades are going to be better
I should have a good job this summer
I got my first car

I crashed my car
I got 3 tickets in 2months of having my car
I'm $4,000 in debt
damn fam
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