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Nov 30, 2002
does anyone know where they sell new era hats here in the phils? they have some at shoe salon, but its pretty limited. is there anywhere else?
I know Shoe Salon only works with legit distributors. Heard that they'll be having New Era "Philippine" hats by September or October.
BOBOLI XXL in glorieta and theather mall ghills. (if you want high priced fakes)

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nah, gta be original for me. haha. i checked shoe salon awhile ago...i think theyre fake too. the material seems kinda cheap and theyre made in china. i think 5950s are made in the states.
theres a few new era lids at grey one too.. limited stocks though
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New Era hats in shoe salon are fake?? Eh diba 1k++ yun? If so then just go to cartimar. Peke nalang din eh.
This is just a very simple matter. You can always check out New Era site ( and look for their Philippine distributor which is Relzbach. Call them and ask them if Shoe Salon is selling legits or not before you guys shell out your money for those lids.

I commented because I personally know both Relzbach & Shoe Salon owners and I am also gonna go all out on this one too.

For all of you to know, Relzbach is also the distributor of and1 and Gola shoes (which is also in Shoe Salon). If you think the Lids are fugazzis, do you think Relzbach would still continue doing business with Shoe Salon? And do you think Shoe Salon would risk their name on those Lids which is just a small portion of their business?

Don't be mislead so easily, you can all use your own 2 eyes and what's in between before you believe on something.

Sorry Mr. Moderator, with due respect, I need to stand up for what I know is true. Anyway, I do believe too that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. :wink:
I think I saw some in a store in Trinoma... Aktiv is the name of the store ata... it sells And1 and Gola shoes and apparel... might be worth checking out... :smile:
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Hmmm.. They also have New Era caps in AND1 stores. At least, SM Southmall's AND1 store has one. They have truckers and fitteds. Hmmm.. I guess Relzbach also distributes those.
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Thanks for the information.

Now I have no doubt that the whole dealership agreement between New Era and Relzbach is legit. Still, I can't help but doubt the authenticity of the New Era hats in the Philippines.

Explain to me why the 5950s sold in the Philippines are Made in China while the ones found in HK, Japan, Europe and the U.S.A are made in U.S.A.

Securing dealership and retailer rights don't usually equate to authentic products.

Case in point, DICKIES. There was a time when Dickies stores sprouted all over the metropolis. Were they a licensed distributor or retailer? No doubt. But were they selling authentic Dickies clothing? Absolutely not.

Don't be mislead so easily, you can all use your own 2 eyes and what's in between before you believe on something.
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I know Shoe Salon only works with legit distributors.

Bape? M&N?


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My mistake. Was thinking of another store. Do accept my apologies.


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yeah, i seriously think that new era hats here are fake. theyre a company that prides themselves in being made in the US. but whatever, no use in getting riled up guys. to each his own. so for me, i think theyre fake so im not getting any here. haha.
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