List of JB stores with "Urban/QS accounts" (update

^^^^^only mom/pop "urban limited account" we have is Shoe Extreme in Colorado, hahaha...and everyone hates them. :rofl:
Is there any Urban/QS account in Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream , New york? or any Urban/QS account around that area?
does anyone know of any places that have an urban account near harrisburg PA....
F/S DS pair of Size 14 Retro V black/silver and black SPIZ'IKES size 13
PM me

***WANTED*** Snakeskin XI low size 13-14....
any jordan 15 size 13-14
I guess we New Jersey cats get no love huh (South Jersey)...LMAO

Anyway, do anyone know places around South Jersey who has Urban/QS accounts that would of have received the Penny Foams for instance????

FYI i live about 10 minutes away from Philadelphia if that helps.
Looking for a pair of DS Nike Court Force High (Black & Green) in a size 12
hey I saw the Detroit Locations, but are there any other stores in Michigan that aren't in Detroit that sell limited releases?

I've heard that Puffer Red's in Ypsilanti gets some releases, but any other locations (preferrably closer to southwest Michigan) would help a lot. Thanks.
Ventura County, CA anyone?? please =(
I need a place to cop the CG IIIs
It's not just a basketball team that needs you. It's an entire nation.​
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