lock it up

Joined Mar 26, 2007
wrong section, but you seem like you need help quick

that star pattern does look off though
and the croc seems plasticky
Joined Dec 31, 2008
never mind all you guy are seriously off the crocs are seriously punished and plus they had water on them and they are seriously punnished worst kicks on mycollection
and the *+#+%% said this
[table][tr][td]Subject:[/td] [td]Re: red 1 trade[/td] [td]http://www.%*!%#@*####+%.com/forums/privmsg.php?mode=quote&p=25044860 [/td] [/tr][tr][td]They are legit my bad man..I just compared them to my boys from down the block there good...its just I thought they were fake cause of the guy from iss...but there good...im not gonna scamm yu

i told his *+#+%% like 300 effing times that they are not fake im so @%+@$%! blown
[/td] [/tr][/table]
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