Lock this up

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I dont know who the #$%@ this dude is but he DESERVES TO GO TO PRISON!!!!!!!! OLD CLIP OR NOT!!!! *#%????!!!!

black leg

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WOOOOWWWWW, how did they let this slide?
I'm guessin Chris Hansen wasn't there back then
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Whoa, He's worse than Richard from Family Fued! Times have changed SO much. Nowadays, if son made eye contact with a lil girl for longer than 3 secs the parents will have a class action law suit filed. I guess pedos weren't as widely known back then so they probably just thought he was being very friendly with them. I wonder where those little girls' pops was.

That was very creepy.
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[h5]Mini Biography[/h5]
Oliver hosted a kids gameshow in Canada in the 1980s called 'Just Like Mom' co-hosted by his own wife, Catherine Swing and introduced by one of their children. Both of their children, Emily and Alison, were involved in the show.

During the 1980s into the early 1990s, Fergie was the dugout reporter for the Toronto Blue Jays telecasts on CTV.

He is now divorced from Catherine.
IMDb Mini Biography By: chris.clarke@usask.ca

[h5]Spouse[/h5][table][tr][td]Susan Wheeler[/td][td] (1986 - present)[/td][/tr][/table][h2]
[/h2][h2]Fergie Olver Video[/h2][h3]Posted on 16 April 2010[/h3]
Lately there’s been a video going on over the internet about a show that aired in the late 70s or early 80s, which was basically a kid’s game show. It was a Canadian show and it had stuff like quizzes and different games for the kids. The host of the show was Fergie Oliver.

It wasn’t a hit show at the time in fact many people other than Canadians didn’t even know whether there was a show like that. The show didn’t run for a very long time either. One would then wonder why now, after such a long time, videos related to that show, specifically the host of the show, are being distributed on the net. The answer might make you disgusted.

The big reason of the distribution of Fergie Oliver’s videos is that he had the habit of playing with the kids who participated in the show, but he went a little overboard. I mean at first one might think that the guy just loves kids, yeah that sounds perfectly safe, but it’s when he tries to kiss little girls, especially when they are reluctant, that’s when things start pointing to the fact that he’s a pervert.
This definitely may seem like a big allegation, and even I didn’t think like that before watching the video, but the video is made up of all the scenes in which he does seem like a pervert, in fact in one scene a girl calls him a “dirty old man
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