LOLA LUV!!!!!!!

Joined Sep 1, 2007
trying my best to follow the rules(no thongs) so here we go....
some of the pics are old but she deserves a second look

Joined Nov 24, 2009
All the injections this broad has had...but, I'm sure she could use one more I could help with...
Joined Feb 9, 2008
I hope I meet her. My girl said if I ever cheated I could cheat with Lola and she wouldn't care. Awww man the things I would do to her.
Joined Sep 11, 2008
I see it wasn't just me but something about her in 50's movie definitely turned me off

the way she was walking didn't look kosher
Joined Feb 15, 2009
First pic made me shudder, liked her better when she first started modeling, now its a skinny body with !+# injection, horrible.
Joined Sep 1, 2007
I'd beat that fakeness up and go smoke many of yall know every detail about every porno star and model you see? Put that body in front of Banks and it's going down! injections be damned
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