London Sneaker Guide

Dec 8, 1999
Although they can't cook, they surely have Js and AF1s.

Most of us know about Collie's Sneaker Guide, but are there any other places worth checking out? Attaq, you've just been in London - have you seen anything else? Kahma?

You know if...we prefer to have the name of the store, the address, maybe the phone number, the specialties of the stores and the directions to it.

Oh, could somebody post the link to Collie's guide? I'm at work right now and have it bookmarked at home. Thanks.

Hi Ced

Here's the link to Collie's guide:

Thanx and huge props to Collie. I had a print of this guide with me when I was in London about two months ago.
I found all the stores he described and I think I've seen all the important sneaker stores there. There wasn't really anything else which should be mentioned. Collie's guide is pretty complete.
The best places are Footlocker and Niketown, of course. My Trainers is a must, too since they have some really rare stuff there.

BTW: Ced, I guess I can say this in the name of all NT members: Your contributions to this board are truly great. I think you do al lot to improve this board and make it more attractive and informative.
So, THANX A LOT and keep on contributing, please.

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OK there are a couple to add.

When visiting FL beside Bond Street Tube Station, make an additional visit to Selfridges department store (London version of Macy's) just over the road which has a Size? store concession on the first floor along with a Nike clothing concession alongside a skateshop stocking Zoo York, Chocolate clothing and in the basement there is an Artomatic store with funky Mowax, Futura, Silas etc. collectibles.

Camden Market on Saturday (do not go on Sunday whatever you do) in the "Arches", way up past Camden Lock (where the canal crosses under Camden High Street) . Vintage, second hand, and occasional deadstock gems.
One of the Arches stalls has a selection of used Bape+ Supreme vintage gear as well as Japanese imports dunks in v. limited sizes and stuff like AJ XI low player samples DS. No bargains but worth a view.
TONS of other market stalls with trashed, used Nikes/Jordans that might appeal to Japanese buyers alot more than 90% of visitors to this board.

Sports and Things, Streatham High Street nearly opposite Streatham rail Station. The most overpriced with rudest service with jaw-dropping selection of old stuff. Tons of early 90's ACG gear on display, OG Foams, OG Footscapes, had some crazy AF1 mid 90's AF1 and adidas too. shop with a stoneface and show no enthusiasm for your selections.

Meteor Sports, Bethnal Green Road beside KFC. No bargains, some frankly terrifying prices, but world class selection with samples, imports, exclusives from worldwide.

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See Rift Trooper links pages for addys and phones.

Fly and Supra also get LE Nike gear regular, and Fly also get Supreme, Stussy, Project Dragon, etc etc
The collector is someone who, having found a second example of something, is condemned to seek a third.
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