Long Island NTers - Help!

Jun 13, 2006
I'm looking to find some affordable housing in Long Island starting in January since I may be moving there to take an internship. The problem I have is that the pay is very minimal. I am looking to find something near East Meadow for less than 800/month. shared is preferred. Anyone have advice about the best/safest/least expensive ares in LI. I would need to stay for at least 6 months.

Team Longhorns
Even though I'm not from around that area of LI(I'm in Suffolk County), I'll try to help you out.

First off, Long Island is extremely expensive to live on.

East Meadow is kinda sorta smack-dab in the middle of either really nice areas(Westbury, Wantagh, Carle Place) or the rough parts (Freeport, Hempstead, and some parts of Massapequa).

How far are you looking to live away?

I just ran by craigslist just to see if anything was in

East Meadow
Hey Hey..I live in Hempstead..right by Hofstra..aint that rough..lol

But East Meadow is pretty nice..and pretty expensive..most likely won't find something for 800..if I see anything I'll let you know.

But you might want to try the "rougher" areas
I don't want to live too far and I think I will most likely need to share w/ a roommate or 2 lol. University areas are nice because thats what I'm used to, so the Hofstra area could work. 20 - 30 minutes max is what I'm looking at for the commute. Btw, I know that having a car in NYC is not always a good idea. Is LI the same?
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^^ you will need a car on LI.

Relying on Long Island Bus = the ban
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Hempstead is not THAT bad.
i lived there for years.
As long as u live somewhat close to Hoftsra, you'll be alright.
Uniondale is pretty affordable too.

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I was being random at Hofstra today and saw this listing.

East Meadow_1st Floor Apartment for Rent

780$ per month includes utilities, direct tv and air conditioning, full kitchen, full bath, 1st floor, no smoking, no pets

516/481.5478 or 516/695.6054

Good Luck!
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