Look At Me - Big Car, Big House, Big Jewels - All That Came Out My Backpack...

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You ain't gon' do it, it ain't gon' work, you ain't gon' prove it -
Even though that hurt - I just skated past that.
Look - everybody got dreams about ki's
Chains full of ice with S after the V's
Horse on the hood, a grill full with the B's
Dangling your feet in Santorini breeze
Make a virtual picture, and spin around.
That ain't it? Well @$+# it !$!$$ we get it down.
Devil try to grab your ankle !$!$$ we'll kick 'em down.
Focus up, we gotta hit it now...

Shout out to Pretty Toney and the rest of y'all early/mid 20s dudes
- y'all be aite in due time.

Just keep grindin'.

My favorite verse from P by the way...
Joined Jun 28, 2003
Originally Posted by Pretty Toney

/\ Not at all....what makes you think that?
I don't really see P being able to write fast lyrics. The way P is tongue twistin words in his verse sounds exactly the same way Twista raps,imo.
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