Looking For A Good Travel Site Or Travel Agent.

Aug 8, 2006
I'm looking to book a trip to Mexico in the near future. Does anyone know of a good reliable travel agent or maybe even a website?

Another question I have is how long does it take for a passport to be processed? I have mine but, my girlfriend still needs to get hers so, I'm trying to figure if we need to get this done asap? I heard on the news that there have been delays with the processing of passports and wonder if this is still the case.
i would just check travel velocity, orbitz, etc. but one u find the ticket u want try to buy it from the airline directly just in case u have to make changes or something. its less expensive to change yur tickets when u buy them directly from the airline. as far as yur passports, if yur trip is comming up within the next month she aint gonna have her passport in time.
check expedia, oribtz and travelocity.... look for a package.. you can get good deals if you're also lookin for a hotel. where are u planning on going and when... ive been around in mexico.. hit me up if u need help
I'm heading to Puerto Vallarta in either November or December depending on which month has better weather. I checked the websites but, I was led to believe that Travel Agents sometimes get better deals.

sfgr415 when I go to Vegas I always use americawestvacations.com because I've gotten some great deals through them. When I tried to look online with them for Mexico it would come up as unable to process your request. Where are you staying in Vegas? If possible go to the Palms,Wynn or Hard Rock especially the pool at the Hard Rock and Palms. Once you get to the pool at either of those places it's nothing but model type women all around.

As for the passport I guess those delays are true and I'll have her get her passport on Monday.
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