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Aug 29, 2006
Well I think it is about time for me to take the plunge. Can anyone recommend a jeweler in the area? Looking to put something on my girlfirend's finger in the next few months and have no clue where to look in the area.
Yeah, I have been swapping emails with Ben already. I feel like better deals are to be had with smaller outfits like his as opposed to chain stores, but what do I know
Ryan, she's gonna say no, because you know I've been treating her right these past couple months. Don't waste your money bro.
If you say money hasn't changed you, you just haven't made enough.
Real Jewelry...

Bailey, Banks, & Biddle...
Tiffany & Co...

That's if you love her.

Team "I'm a Bamma cuz Kev said so."

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When it comes to your woman...sometimes "best value" isn't the best...

Personally...I can't afford Tiff's top=tier rings...but...I'd rather buy a mini-ring from Tiff's for 3k...over a jumbo ring from the Jewelry factory for 3k.

Team "I'm a Bamma cuz Kev said so."

President - at my All-Time high...
True indeed- top notch quality is a great thing. I just don't want folks thinking they have to do it that way for it to be "love" and "official."

I was really reacting to the "If you love her" part. If she really loves you, then it won't matter if the ring costs a quarter from a vending machine.

But you should know that about her before you even propose. If you didn't, then you shouldn't be anywhere close to one knee.

Then, there is a vast expanse between the JF and Tiff's.
I could get her something from a vending machine and she would still say yes, but I want to do it right. Probably looking in the ballpark of a 1.4-1.5ct
R. Stans, that wasn't directed at you. You're an older cat ( I believe). It was for the youngins.

But "right" is going to be different for everyone. I know folks that copped 3 ct. cause they thought bigger was better. But, the clarity is so @#%$-ty that the rock looks like piece of granite. lol
The "if you love her" was only for humor...

Clarity is def. key!

Team "I'm a Bamma cuz Kev said so."

President - at my All-Time high...
No worries Scott, I did not think it was. It's funny, in the world of NT I am "older", but in the business world I am considered young.

No im not trying to be funny... seriously - consider it... with patience, research and time... you can get yourself an amazing deal!

Now if you have an issue with the ring being "used"... this is what you do... go to shops looking for loose diamonds OR look at the rings they got but focus on the rock... once you find a rock you like (amazing quality, great price, nice size, nice cut, type you want, etc)... take it and have it mounted on a new setting... maybe the diamond was on a yellow gold setting well you take it and get it placed onto a white gold setting or something,,,, to give you that sense of "its a different ring"

It would be soooooo much cheaper then going to lets say... Tiff AND she will be happy and you will be satisified.

Only downfall... no warranty of any type... meaning if she lose it - its a WRAP! But not too many places will replace a lost ring... and heck you can always get it insured else where (I guess some home insurance cover it).

2nd downfall - depending on ya lady... you might not want to let her know where you purchased it... but if she is a down to earth - woman of ya life - she would probably understand.

Besides that... honestly there is nothing wrong with what im suggessting... most people wouldnt do it... think its cheap, tacky, wack, etc... but really... the ring isnt as important to everything else yall will be doing for the rest of yall lives. Feel me. Later on... say... 10 years you can always upgrade. Just a thought.

But for real... go to pawnshop in "nice areas"... Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring... so on... folks out there tend to sell their nice jewels... I seen crazy size diamond rings out there, rolex, baume mercier (watches) sp, breintly (sp), 1.5 carat solitare platinum ring, so on...

AND dont think everything is HOT... some people sale it because they went through a break-up, divorce, in need of money, etc.

Just so you know... all pawnshop send a copy of things they purchase to local cops and they have to wait about 30 days before they can sale... which means the item was cleared for sale (so isnt hot)... if its a concern you might have

Just throwing it out there...

WOW this was a long message.. my bad.

But hey pawnshop or not... always negotiate on your jewels... people mark up those prices like crazy... compare... do research... get it appraised... all that good stuff. A place like Tiffany you cant negotiate... but however even some of the end places will negotiate... the last piece I bought my wife from Boone & Sons Out in... Jeezz what city is it... over off Wisconsin by the Tiffany, Gucci, LV, Etc... out there... I got her a Chopard Necklace with Pendent and even they negotiated with me.
Dag.. I would actually have to agree with J Pay on this one.. although I am quite late... but damn.. where was I when all this Ring talk was goin on >???? My Bad Bruh..

Stans you bring the Lucky lady with you>?
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I could get her something from a vending machine and she would still say yes, but I want to do it right. Probably looking in the ballpark of a 1.4-1.5ct

If anyone saw the other post I made about this topic you already know this, but it was funny to me when I reread this one. I actually ended up buying a gumball machine like you see at the mall and rigged it so her ring would come out. Also ended up with a ring a bit bigger than originally planned.

Stans you bring the Lucky lady with you?

Heck no, she drilled me enough times with exactly what she wanted for me to know. Not only did she get what she wanted, she got an even bigger stone that she had hoped for. Not by much, but a little bit.
Going by "Name-brand" stores is meaningless.

I agree with that for the most part. Like I said, I lucked out with the deal I got at Smyth. Similar stones were actually more expensive online. So sometimes the "name brand" store will come through.

I agree that it does not matter where it comes from, you just have to know what you are getting. Now that I have cert. and stone in hand who cares where it came from...
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