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Jul 31, 2006
I am looking to get a new TV 40"++ for $2000 and under (a little over isnt too bad)...anybody know any good places to get deals etc?

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i heard mixed reviews bout plasma in terms of once the gas or w.e runs out it costs more to replace it then buying a brand new tv

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No joke, see Craig's List.
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i heard mixed reviews bout plasma in terms of once the gas or w.e runs out it costs more to replace it then buying a brand new tv
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4 - you should be able to get a decent deal at FS or BB in November once the new models are cycled in for Xmas.

2K is a decent budget for a TV, but a lot depends on your room config, viewing angle, and the lighting, which is most important.

I personally like plasmas for the rich colour and think the picture is significantly better when it comes to gaming and sports.

Right now you can get great deals on the Panasonic Plasmas or Samsung LCD's.

Pioneer is higher end and IMO not necessarily worth it. I have the pioneer 42" plasma, and I should have got the 50" panasonic...live and learn.
Sony is always best for me... but sony only makes lcd's... but they can cost alot so go for samsung, a korean company that sony has been working with lately to basically make the same tv.....
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tiger direct has 37" westinghouse for $699................pretty good deal
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Just wait until boxing day.I got my sony bravia that was 3500 2 years ago for 2300 on boxing day.My problem was I should have waited another couple of months because prices really dropped after that.
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As I understand it, there are six month cycles for the TVs. The new ones come out in June and December I believe, or around then. You should see the previous models get put on sale May and November.

The prices seem to have bottomed out. You can defo get a good deal on a non-1080p panel if that isn't a big deal to you. I believe most stations broadcast in 720p and 1080i depending on the content. Stationary images are nicer at i vs. p...but this also depends on the tv too. some can interlace really well...other's can't.

I know 2001 audio video negotiates so I'm sure if you're good a negotiation you can get them down in price.

I suggest you wait till boxing day if you can. Line up way early.
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