looking to open...

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a account at a banking institution

any ideas...who do you bank with? FTW or FTL?

I figured maybe something community like...stead of those sketchy
bigger institutions but uh any advice would be welcomed
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I have accounts at a community bank, as well as a national bank. National banks are more convenient, community banks are easier to deal with. You're welcome
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Depends what you need a banking institution for, they all have their pros and cons. But if you want a smaller institution that's local and not trying to gouge like the big banks I'd say search up the local Credit Unions in your area. Some require a requirement to enter so make sure you take a look what that is,most times its fine as long as you live in that town.

Things to look for are the overdraft rates, a monthly maintenance fee, any annual fee, interest rate for certain loans, online banking features, atm fees, etc.

Soon you wont have to worry about the overdraft fees starting July 1st, that is if you opt out. I highly recommend you opt out. For those that don't keep track of their balances and carry a check register opting out would be ideal. The logic is simple, only spend money you have. Debit is convenient but it should not hurt you more than help you, for those who like swiping and the convenience, that's fine but people are more prone to spend money they don't have because of the lack of seeing the funds go. We live in a world where Cash is king and its easier to track, so its wise that if you bank you know the ins and out of the system so that these banking institutions don't take advantage of you.


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go with ING
they're an internet bank, and you get $25 to sign up and 1.25% interest on your money every month.
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i have ING and Wachovia...

my ING is a checking acct but i really only use it to save but have a debit card if i REALLY need the money...

wachovia student checking in my main acct.
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Originally Posted by ShaunHillFTW49

Bank of America. Great service, sometimes they clear overdrafts
keyword is SOMETIMES....playin roulette with my debit card...they got me when i thought they were gonna let me slide...I also like how easy it is to make deposits, and most things show up immediatly online.

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