Los Angeles Sneaker Guide

Dec 8, 1999
It's time for LA, please help sharing some information about must-gos as for sneaker spots in the City of Angels.

Please name the name of the store, the address, and if possibly the phone number and directions. Furthermore, the store's specialty would be a nice option, too. Remember, outlets are very welcome also!

yeah please post - i will be in cali next week too
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What's up, Reen! How's the weather over there? :wink:

Sorry, I couldn't get on AIM again before you left - I hope you enjoy your stay!

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this is what i wrote in the other post in case u missed it:

"yo TM i sent u the link to the pics on IM before i posted.

but it probably wasnt you on the other end. LOL "i am a japanese!!" yo man...you gotta erase your password when you sign out of those internet cafes cause *** cats be using your IM after you leave....LOL

i can never tell if its you or some random guy

anyway, holla back "

1. Footland Sports (Samples)
107 Japanese Village Plaza Mall,
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-0181

2. Kbond
7257 Beverly Blvd Ste 100,
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 939-9779

3. Sportie LA
7753 Melrose Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 651-1553

More is coming..
Also, Workmen's Outlet on Melrose has dunks and AF1's.

But they're kinda pricey.

Couple spots in Melrose have dunks and AF1's just walk around and you'll find some.
Looking for rare dunks and AF1's in a size 9. Email me at denots113@aol.com, if you got any.
Foot Pro
134 North Gaffey
San Pedro,Ca

Athletic Shoe Connection
1569 West Redondo Beach Bl.

and the place where you could have got all the SB's
for retail is:

Jack's Surf Shop in Huntington Beach(don't know addy)
Huntington Surf and Sport also had them for retail.
Call info.for phone numbers and addresses.


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Neo39 and Grey One in Pasadena are tight shops to hit if you are in the area, but they are heavily trafficked, so don't expect to come up on any steals...

not much in the OC area that hasn't been mentioned - Cerritos Mall has all the major shoe chains in one mall: FL, FA, Champs, a huge Finishline, even Athlete's Foot (most other malls out here only have maybe 2-3 of them)... sleeper mall: Montclair mall off the 10 in the Pomona area. If you are hitting the Ontario Mills outlet, Montclair is worth a stop, I've found some nice stuff there because its kinda in boonieville...

malls to avoid in the OC area: Brea, Santa Ana Mainplace, and avoid South Coast Plaza at all costs if you are looking for shoes since all they have is one small Footlocker (if you are looking for authentic Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Armani etc, then this is the place for you - South Coast also gets my prize for the most amazing women per square foot than any place in socal that is not a beach or club)...

if you are looking for dunk SB's, good luck my friends, just because you know of the specific skater/surf shops that carry them, it doesn't mean that when you get there they will have anything at all. And when you call, they often lie about what they have in stock. Its hit-or-miss and the reselling game here is cutthroat so finding anything for cheap is tough. You cna always hit sportie LA if you want to pay an arm and a leg; I'd personally rather hit ebay than pay price-gouge prices...
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All those stores are basically what are the "known" spots in the LA area. :wink:

Here's some outlets:
Camarillo Factory Store
Camarillo, CA 93010
(805) 384-4480
FAX (805) 384-4470
101N exit Camden Dr, the signs should take you to the outlet.

Ontario Mills
4557 Mills Circle
Ontario, CA 91764
(909) 980-2448
Got any Sz 5 Kids J's for sale? Also have some Sz 7 Oly Shox for Sale.
Yeah.. agreed.. they have bargain comparing the price to other urban a/c's. Good looking out.
Is there any one WSS that has better shoes than another or are they all the same? Thanks.

Also, the Santa Monica Promenade might be worth checking out for some kicks.
Let's not forget The Foot Connection in the Northridge and Topanga Malls, have good stuff from time to time like LA AF1's and stuff. Peace.
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I think there all the same.... I live in the Inland Empire so I dont go to the 1's out on the coast. But it's where I get about 90% of my kicks. Also it looks like a swap meet, so not that much people go ther (which is a good thing, cuz they always have my size.!
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