Lost License

Jul 12, 2004
Hey NT, can you help me out?

my wallet got stolen,
it contained my license and 100 pesos. :stoneface:

so now, i need to get a duplicate license.

from what i heard, I'm going to need
-an affidavit
-a negative drug test

is that it?

have any of you guys done this?
can anyone help?

sorry, no help here. i'm assuming this is a driver's license?
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it would be good if you have a photocopy of your old license. yes, you'll need an affidavit, duly notarized of course. not sure about having to retake the drug test. i don't remember taking it when i lost my license several years back.

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if you in the PI.....just get an affidavit of loss then bring it to LTO together with a filled out form that they have there. Go to the East Ave branch coz you still need to have your name cleared there.

I also lost my wallet a few weeks back and it included, pretty much, all the same......gudluck bro!
that happened to me a few years ago... the first thing u gotta do is go to a police station and file an affidavit of loss/theft.. cause if you don't do that, and the dude who stole your license could use it to incriminate you in a crime.. such as leave it at a crime scene. by filing an affidavit, you've claimed that you license have been stolen at the time of claiming. so any crime after that would not incriminate you. but if it happens before you file with the police, then that's another story.

As for getting another license, just go to the lto and get a fixer. that's what i did... get your license in a few days. since it got stolen, it doesn't go through the same process as applying for a new one or renewing. the fixer should be able to guide you in the steps.. affidavit, drug tests and etc..
what kind of cheap ink are they using on these licenses?

i just got my license back from the fuzz and my picture kinda got rubbed off.

asked some of my friends, and one of them's pic kinda rubbed off on the plastic of his wallet - so if you take the license out, the pic stays there. :lol:

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^ that's why you're suppose to use the license sleeve. so that its protected. :rofl:
alam ko you need to use some kind of division sa pagitan ng license at ng plastic ng wallet para hindi dumikit ang picture ... 100pesos pwede na... hehehe
meron ako nyan, but yeah, nung hinuli ako - over some fake b.s. too - the guy just took my license, not the whole thing.

i hate driving in makati. i was on ayala, trying to turn right (diba may divider between the bus side and the private driving side) - so i signaled and slowly eased my way to the rightmost lane to turn right. swerving daw ako. stupid cops. gutom lang mga yan. kung hindi ko lang kasama si mama, tinakbuhan ko na lang yan.

..with so much personality,
what do you want from me?
i could be by myself and enjoy the company..
but i'd ratherher
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