Low Carb Diet?

Joined Feb 7, 2009
Any Info, Tips, Methods, etc. on this. I've heard many things about unhealthy and the extent of danger included. Anyone have any experience?


Joined Jul 6, 2002
You just made a thread about joining the gym less than a week ago. You didn't get fat in a week and you won't get skinny in a week. Stick to the planfor the long run. Carbs are just as important as protein. Go find out your basal metabolic rate, Google it..all you need to do is put in your age, height,weight. Consume the amount of calories listed for your stats, or about 200-300 cals below that AND exercise. Start small and work your way up. Keep it up andyou will be seeing good results by summer of 2010. Most people go on this diet and that diet, but that's exactly all it is..a diet. To maintain the result,you need to look at it as a change in lifestyle. There is no magic bullet.
Joined Jan 14, 2008
i tried the keto diet...the 2nd day i was blowing chunks...ended up in the ER..."severe indigestion"
..just eat healthy, do cardio, liftweights, sleep a good 7-9 hrs every night and you'll lose weight. believe me i know.
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