Made it to the Chronicle Today (MLB Celebrity Game)

Apr 11, 2003
Yesterday, I had a couple of tickets to the Futures/Celebrity Game and was about 11 rows back from home plate. After the softball game, I was able to get several autographs, including- Miss USA Rachael Smith, Bobby Flay, Jerry Rice (MVP), Goose Gossage, Rob Schneider, and Dane Cook. All were on the same ball and all played for the winning team. On top of it, a couple of us made it to today's Chronicle. Check the link and pic! I'm the dude to the right of the guy with the Taco Bell Taco hat.

You guys probably won't believe this also, but during Batting Practice today, I grabbed one of Barry's Home Run Ball. I didn't catch it, but fought hella hard on the ground ripping it away from the other savages out there. Crazy All-Star Week so far!

SFGate All-Star Game Article

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Man, free Taco Bell and free ice cream at Fanfest, that was great.
Welcome to the club Marco Belinelli!
Almost ready for the 49er sig!
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