[| -- MAINO "If Tomorrow Comes" Official Tracklisting & Album Cover Pic (Drops June 30th) -- |]


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For anyone that cares....

1. Million Bucks feat. Swizz Beatz
2. Scene 1: If Tomorrow Comes…
3. Back To Life feat. Push! Montana
4. Remember My Name
5. Gangsta feat. B.G.
6. Scene 2: The Meeting
7. All The Above feat. T-Pain
8. Here Comes Trouble
9. Scene 3: Hating
10. Hi Hater
11. Let's Make A Movie
12. Kill You
13. Scene 4: Contemplating
14. Runaway Slave
15. Soldier
16. Hood Love feat. Trey Songz
17. Floating
18. Scene 5: The Phone Call
19. Celebrate
So will New York support?

Courtesy of XXL MAGAZINE


formerly diplomat tdot
Joined Jun 26, 2002
It was the single though (even though it came out last Spring) I was shocked the Remix wasn't on there.
Joined Aug 1, 2004
son shot himself in da foot when he ain't drop it and hi hata remix was da movement....
Joined Aug 1, 2004
yup, you know it was a hit when u saw thousands of bootleggers sellin HI hater shirts all over NYC
Joined Jun 1, 2008
I'm gonna support just because its Maino... I have a great deal of respect for son because of his struggle and dedication to becoming a better artist andhuman bein.... Maino's story is the story of hip hop...

I do have my gripes... Maino is in the same/simular position of a Nipsey Hussle being in a position to bring the spotlight back to their respected region... Iknow Maino HATES when people say this, but BRING NEW YORK BACK... He's on some "Bring New York FOWARD"... the past is the past... I have noproblem in the world with that, my problem is how exactly is a Swizz Beatz, T Pail, Push Montana & BG being the only guests on the album helping hiscause??... I'm glad the features are limited because he's still introducuing himself to the world... But I would've loved an Uncle Murda feature...Fabalous, Jada, @@%@ even Red Cafe... Or anyone from the new generation of NYers....
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This n____ bullied his way into the industry. I remember hearing/seeing him on a SMACK dvd back in 04'. He's come a long way though as an artist &still has work to do. Might check it out though, idk
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Originally Posted by MR MONDAY NIIGHT

He could've went gold just off hi hater..
I think he could have sold at least 250K off of that single. Whoever dropped the ball on this album gets a big SMH. That single was huge.
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Originally Posted by ninjahood

yup, you know it was a hit when u saw thousands of bootleggers sellin HI hater shirts all over NYC

i've always wondered what the inspriation behind those t-shirts was.
Joined Jun 11, 2008
saying he would've pushed 250k off "hi hater" maybe 4 years ago....for new artist to establish themselves they need more then 1 hit...peopleaint buying albums off 1 hit anymore.....the last time they did that was w/ chamillionaire (he wasnt "new" but he was "new" to mainstream)and you saw how his 2nd album sales were
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Floppity FLOP FLOP...His label dropped the ball. Last summer Hi hater shirts were the equivalent of chinese slippers
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it wasnt his fault it aint drop when it should of. Im even surprised this is dropping at all. props to him for even getting a release date.

That Million Bucks is a banger btw
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