Man Vs. Food Appreciation

Feb 9, 2008
this is the only show ive been watching for the past couple of weeks, this dude is to funny .. not to mention i would like to try some of the challenges he has faced like the 5 pound philly cheessteak .. check the show out on the travel channel or netflix
I swear I start to feel pressure in my chest, I start sweating and start breathing deeper everytime I watch this show
. I feel like I'm the one eating all that food haha. Dude is gonna get a heart attack real soon if he keeps that up. I still love the show though
anthony bourdain no reservations > bizarre foods > man vs food

all 3 great shows tho
my friends and I went to the Stepping stone cafe, a place he went while he was in Portland, Or

Crushed the 3 stack of mancakes lol felt like i coulda ate another stack if you feel me lol
Originally Posted by stevesteve72

Yea I like that show it always makes me hungry
i know, thats why i try to eat while watching the show

Travel Channel has the food shows on lock.

Always good stuff
yeah. food network only has dinner impossible now. they gotta come up with better stuff
Dude has eating problems. Id rather watch someone with a sex addiction have a show then this dude stuffing his face every episode.
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