MANIFESTO festival

Dec 8, 2003
So my company had a booth at Nathan Philips Square for the Manifesto festival this weekend. Just curious of anyone on Niketalk checked it out.

Sick musical lineup too. It was a legendary day for Canadian hip-hop.

Dream Warriors
Michie Mee
Tara Chase
Rochester (rocked a livestock shirt... but his black 3's looked a bit suspect)

I dipped out after the Dream Warriors.

Anyone check out the MANIFESTO festival at Nathan Philips Square this weekend? Anyone see K-os?
wait im confused was this the past weekend or is this the coming weekend (29th)

im gonna assume it already happend because you saw some of it...

is it happenign this weekend (29th) also?
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i was there, for the most part a good event. most of the performers besides Eternia were descent.

some old school Canadian stuff man brought back memories, Mathematic can still flow but i think suprisingly Choclair had the best mic presence in my opinion.

DJ Premier afterparty was dope, Commond DJ - Dopey was there and apparently RZA was in the house too Premo kept shouting him out saying WU is in the buildingl.
And now back to business
I missed it, I had an interview with Premo in the evening. What that was done the festival was still going on but I was so sick I just went home to rest.
that was a good look for Canadian Hip Hop on all levels!

had work early Monday morn so I checked Primo in Hamilton on Sat night instead of here in tha Dot on Sunday!
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