Manny nixes TV shoot with Kobe

Aug 3, 2003
The Philippine Star 10/10/2006

To prove hes serious in training for Erik Morales, Manny Pacquiao turned down a rare chance to shoot a global TV commercial with pro basketball star Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles yesterday.

A Team Pacquiao insider said Nike is filming an advertisement showcasing its high-profile stars, including Bryant, LeBron James, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal, Tiger Woods and South Korean soccer star Park Ji Sung of Manchester United. Clips of the athletes will be edited for an institutional commercial. Bryant and Pacquiao were scheduled for shooting in the same Hollywood studio. A lunch date to introduce the Los Angeles Lakers star to Pacquiao was cancelled.

"Manny knows whats at stake in the fight so hes making sure his focus is 100 percent in the gym,"said the insider. "Hes now in deep training for Morales and thats why he had to beg off from the shoot."

Bryant plays his first National Basketball Association (NBA) preseason game for the Los Angeles Lakers against the Utah Jazz at Fresno State tonight.

Pacquiao, who recently signed a two-year endorsement contract with Nike, wouldve been the only boxer in the elite circle.

Pacquiaos contract covers shoes, training equipment (like skipping rope) and gym body-wraps. It does not include apparel as Pacquiao has a live contract with "No Fear" until next year. Pacquiao will pitch for Nike in print ads and billboards. He will also make public appearances.

The Nike contract was described by a Team Pacquiao source as "unprecedented" for a Filipino athlete as it was approved in the companys Portland headquarters.

The source said Nike plans to fly Pacquiao to Las Vegas for the NBA All-Star Weekend in February next year as Michael Jordans special guest at the launch of the shoe Air Jordan XXII. A meeting with Nike boss Phil Knight may be arranged to formally welcome Pacquiao into the companys league of superstars.

The All-Star Weekend will start off with the opening of the NBA Jam Session at the 350,000 square foot Mandalay Bay Convention Center and end with the All-Star Game at the Thomas and Mack Center on Feb. 18.

Roy Jones was the first fighter signed by Nike to an endorsement contract although it was strictly for the Jordan brand. Pacquiao is the first fighter to endorse the Nike brand.

When Pacquiao meets Morales in "The Grand Finale" in Las Vegas on Nov. 18, several Nike stars may be at ringside. Woods, for instance, may watch the fight if his schedule permits.

"Theres something about a Pacquiao fight that excites the fans," said Manny Pacquiao Promotions vice president for marketing Eric Pineda. "I wouldnt be surprised if Tiger Woods watches the fight. Hell be cheering for Manny, of course, since theyre both Nike stars and Tiger is half-Asian. I cant think of a fight that was more exciting than Mannys fight against Morales last January and this coming fight will be even more exciting. When you watch Manny fight, you know there will be fireworks."

Several shoe companies offered juicy contracts for Pacquiao to sign. A Chinese brand, that is starting to make waves internationally, made a serious offer and so did a well-known Japanese brand. But in the end, Pacquiao decided to go with Nike.

A source said a huge Nike billboard will be unveiled in Metro Manila on Nov. 2 showing Pacquiao in a fighting pose and the words "Just Do It" at the bottom. The reference is for Pacquiao to get the job done when he faces Morales in the climax of their ring trilogy.


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
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There goes Kobe's chances of getting an Extreme Magic Sing! :b
He blew off Kobe but he still finds time to perform his songs?

He also finds his time on his Rooster

I've seen the future of the NBA his name is Amare Stoudemire -Shaquille O'Neal
He blew off Kobe but he still finds time to perform his songs?

To Manny's defense he does all his socializing and other interests here in the Philippines, cockfights, comercials, singing, etc... but once he's in LA, he's fully focused in his training. No distractions...
that kobes chance for extreme magic sing is funny!!! LOL!

i think he should've done it, that going to be a tight ad. pacman on US national TV!

i wanna see more of pacman on nike ad.
Thats why we dont feed the dog with people food...
oh man,what i wouldnt give to be manny right about now,dude is blowin up,signing with nike makes him so effin global now,watch the bandwagon go millions deep,
Hanep talaga si Manny. Kibit-balikat lang ke Kobe pero pag pasintunaduhan rumaratsada. Hehe!
Think of all the possibilities.
He probably just ain't a kobe fan! :rofl:

about kobe.. i was in SM marilao the other day, and i glanced through the window of a sport store there, i think it was across national bookstore... i saw a whole stand that had shoes with sporting a KOBE brand. What is this? is this an accell line or somebody think they could sell shoes using kobe's name.
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