Marijuana Prescription Question *

Oct 9, 2007
Ive noticed that in West Los Angeles arount Santa Monica and Fairfax they have marijuana clinics and a grip of smoke shops. It seems like marijuana is almost legal there.

My question is

Where can I get a marijuana prescription in order to purchase goods at one of those "clinics" Is there a certain type of doctor or something where I can go in order to obtain a prescription or do I just ask my doctor? I have ankle pain if that matters. :\

I THINK it's $250+? and I THINK you gotta buy marijuana from clinics in bundles, meaning you cant go in a clinic and ask for a dime or a dub, i'm not too sure.
i heard that it goes on your records too
"The Way Out, I Found It. But If I Keep Getting Fly,
Tell Me How The Hell Am I Suppose To Stay Grounded."​

how it works in oregon is that you get a card saying that you can legally carry/smoke marijuana and you also lose your health insurance.
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