Mario Henderson isn't the brightest fella

Joined Jun 5, 2009
Mario Henderson, Raiders Offensive Tackle
from his twitter...

man make sure da next time you go thru da carwash you have all your windows up and da radio down cuz today i went thru da carwash and had my windows up and my music was so loud i couldn't hear dat my windows were down and da soap and water was gettin in my backseat. i didn't notice it until da spinning clothes from da machine was hitting me in da back of da head . it was a bad experiance

@DarrellStrong82 i kno i wasnt payin no attention in da carwash cuz i was listen to drake its ova and was in another zone
Joined Aug 28, 2008
lol what a meathead....

at his excuse to...
zoning out to Drake?

A damn Moron B...
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