Joined Oct 9, 2008
Went into this flick with no expectations, no hype, just a random watch.

Turned out to be a crazy, crazy movie, and better than Hostel in my opinion...but since its in the same vein I'm sure it won't be recognized for muchother than its violence.

The brutality is more than a bit much, definitely NOT for the squeamish.
Joined Nov 30, 2007
Man ....... this is one of those movies that scars your soul
At least Hostel eases you into it ... this from the onset tries to rip your insides out
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Joined Mar 19, 2008
ever seen imprint?

that movie is pretty soul sucking as well, not for the violence per se, just the content and unabashed care free visions of it.

takashi miike is a film god.
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