Marvel Mask series 2 0f 3

Mar 4, 2003
this is the 2nd shoe in my lil Marvel Mask series....pretty self explanitory.
webbing in the tongues, engraved web pattern, transparent swooshes you cant really see it in this pic, but each of the eyes of his mask show a different villian from the movies...Green Goblin, Doc Oc, Sandman, and Venom


Say Hi to Mickey and Goofy for me Rashard​
damn EL you did it again... more pics?

better yet, send out a myspace bulletin like you did the last time
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Yea, the other were tight. These are too, don't get me wrong. Definately keep the good work up man, you'll get somewhere!
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I have Aquas RIGHT NOW, and DTRT Spiz'ikes with box and hangtag.
Refs: Sept1an21 (Flips and Do the Right Thing 3s and White/Cement 3s)
they're alright
Welcome to the club Marco Belinelli!
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honestly.... i love your work E. are you in cali. LA.? if so i would pay you to custom some shoes for me. on a serious note.
every shoe i see that you do i am amazed on how you can have so much patience.
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Im in Seattle, but I do shoes for people all over

and new pics will be up just as soon as I get them back from the show
Say Hi to Mickey and Goofy for me Rashard​
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