Massive thunderstorm in NYC appreciation/unappreciation

Joined Jul 2, 2006
Anyone else get caught out in this monsoon? I got so drenched on my way home (forgot the umbrella) that I just walked...I figured running for cover wasn't gonna do any good since I'd still get wet, anyway.

It's almost 7pm now and it is pouring again...thunder and lightning (no limited Air Jordan IV package) have been a bit intense.

And it's gonna get worse tomorrow?????? :smh:

I just hope everyone can stay dry...last time it rained this hard last year, my basement got flooded, ruining my TV and a dish receiver.
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Joined Jun 6, 2005
This storm is not appreciated until it brings the temperature and humidity down which probably won't be until Friday.
and let's not forget, Chuck Norris found the elementary antiderivative of e^-x^2dx from negative infinity to infinity.
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