May 2022 WDYWT

Sep 14, 2010
Apr 28, 2022
Not tryin' to roast, but you look like you're bout to go SMASH some dudes chick.... In almost every pic. Especially the ones when you're wearing the durag, and sunglasses...

slaughterx slaughterx


Trill spill, I signed up on NT exclusive to pay homage to the man sargent SlaughterX.

Dude murks so many fits... he should have been indicted for murdering it in the WDYWT thread.

People have been slaughtering his looks for years... but you know whats? The biggest takeaway is that he really don't care... and I utterly respect that.

Keep treating 'em like a summer bbq and GRILLE EM, SX.

You are a worldly inspiration. Almost deity like.


(plus, i wanna ensure i'm on his goodside.... just in case he is blowing my broads back out in them clean a** fits... giggity).
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May 15, 2005
donjuan513 donjuan513 how’s the fit on the space hippies? i ask only because the midsole sizing reminds me of the presto reacts, which ran large on me. been wanting to pick up a pair of the space hippies but reluctant because of this
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