Meditation... Vol. How To

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Does anybody meditate? I heard and read that is does amazing things for your health (mentally and physically).
But other than sitting Indian style and controlling your breathing, what else is there to it?

Do we have a guru out there that can school us?

Any contributions would be helpful.
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Originally Posted by swishasweets

what is this?

& OP, you don't always have to be sitting Indian style, you just need to be relaxed.
One thing I like to do is sorta like yoga, I stretch while I breathe

stuntman mike

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there are all types of meditative exercises but here is my favorite one: sit comfortably, close your eyes and get your breathing slow and steady. inhale through your nose and then exhale and with each breath you expel, try to visualize all the garbage leaving your mind. do that until you feel somewhat calm. then ponder the word "nothing". visualize it. if you find yourself drifting, try and refocus on "nothing". what does "nothing" mean? "nothing". train yourself to push out conscious thought and let your mind become filled with "nothing". it's a great exercise to learn. getting rid of crap that you let into your consciousness will help you become more focused, calm and energized. 
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I practice the microcosmic orbit... But if you do this without strict guide of a tao master it could turn a normal person insane
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Official Meditation Thread.

Post methods and results...

Does this stuff really work?
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More info...

I've been stressed lately, and could use a moment to relax. Anyone have a guide on how to properly mediate??
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you could meditate while washing dishes, peeling fruit, having sex.  meditation to me is simply focusing on the present task at hand and acknowledging the thoughts in your head. 

you could say being present in your mind in the present which is also the future. 
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Originally Posted by ILLIONAIRE

I bet there's no such thing as meditating and it's all just fake and does nothing.
even if you're wrong. you're right. 
Btw meditation takes some time to grasp and years or even a lifetime to master. I heard it works better in a group (just like praying) Its not like you try it and it either works or it doesn't. I myself am just getting into and at the very least it def helps to relieve stress. 
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