Memorial Day Weekend in Myrtle Beach???

Jul 19, 2000
Has anyone been down there for Memorial Day weekend? I am thinking about heading down with my girl for that weekend. Can someone give me a heads up to wether or not that is a good idea and also let me know whats going on down there for Memorial Day weekend. Thanks.
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black bike week......its mad fun....only thing i dont like is how the cops got the traffic on the strip going one way.....but during the other bike week its both ways smh
I wanna go but they have me working that weekend. if my homeboy goes, im callin in sick at work.
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I use to frequent Black Bikers week all the time, and I know what goes on down there. You bring your girl down there, dudes are gonna test your manhood, and direspect you and her in the process. Make a long story short, you may end up fighting someone or getting in an altercation of some sort. Sad but true.

Take my advice for what its worth. If you care about her, don't take her down there.

What's a sneaker boutique?​
Yeah, I've been for the past 8 years straight. Its fun if u can get around the traffic situation (I have all the back cuts mastered by now :lol:
ing to head to Miami on that weekend. Thats where I'm trying to go this year.
What's a sneaker boutique?​
yea dont bring your girl down there....cats be disrespectin down there lol

especially them old heads hahaha
Thanks for the information. I forgot that black bike weekend was going on that weekend eventhough I was down there for black bike weekend in 2002. And as many of you stated previously its definetely not the place to take your girl. I will look for another beach to hit up for that weekend.
"All nationalities like me.
I'm Young Black Tall Hot how can you stop that.
I'm a sexually attractive to all women."
Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington would be a good alternate choice, as well as Carolina Beach
I was about to make this same post, i was aware that it was black bike week, but i would like any recommendations as to some places i shouldn't miss, if any, all the suggestions would help
DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT TAKE THE OL LADY!! If she is cute all kinda dudes will be trying to spit game from right to left right in front of you. The first year I went back in 2001 we had to throw down cause my girl was there wit her girls and she called me cause these dudes were all up on her and their friends.
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I'm gon be down there fa sho!!!!! :pimp:
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