Memorial weekend plans?

May 13, 2008
Well fam... yesterday I got a call saying that they (Discovery Cruise line) canceled our trip to the Bahamas this weekend.
Today... reality is setting in, and I'm buggin out tryin to figure out something to do with the money that I was gonna spend down there.

Any suggestions?
What are you folks doin for the week/weekend?
save it. ill prolly go swimming and do some homework. summer school fml
Going to chill with my Uncle in Chicago, and unfortunately I'm going to cop the Torro Pack.
going to riverside then so-cal/long beach to party/perform at a dance competition, heading out in a bit
Going to NYC for the weekend...leaving on the 3:30 train tomorrow from DC.

Staying in Queens...gonna drink a lot, party a lot, and see my friends. Should be a great weekend.
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i been on that discovery cruise line before...

Oh really?!

Many years ago, im not sure if its changed.

They had a good bar, cheap drinks too.

They had a casino, black jack tables ..possibly poker.

Slot machines.

Had buffet/food.

No duty liquor, cologne, Cubans
Had jokes/singing/performance's

when you arrive they will tell you what will be going on at specific times

It was aite, Im not saying I wouldn't do it again but yes very convenient.

Did they mention why they cancelled? overbooked?

If it mattered.. I stayed at our lucaya .. awesome awesome awesome resort,
I'm hitting up a fanime convention on Friday. Saturday there is a HUGE rave called Popsicle in the bay. Sunday, going to a family barbeque. Monday going tothe beach? or just a hang out
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