Joined May 9, 2001
man, here it is.

an abridged retrospective of a lot of my work from the past 3 years.

i also want to use this to promote my Gallery event at Prohibit since a lot of these will be on display:
dec 19th 8pm - 21+ only (alcohol served) - admission is free.

mods/admins, please remove the old sticky and put this one in its place. thank you. after a while can i get this in archive? i have a permanent image host so the pics will stay up.

theres 81 pics here so if you have dial-up better go make a snack while it loads.

let me know which one is your favorite colorway!!!!! but please do not repost images.

so without further ado -

oh by the way

AIR MACK'$ for life

black "patent" Vs from my personal collection RIP

"sheed" mids from personal collection RIP

UNC jordan 1s - sold

UNC dunk low - sold

UNC jordan 1+ -sold

UNC jordan VI - from personal collection RIP

navy 3M dunk low - emcabrera

blk/grey dunk hi - from personal collection

navy/steam dunk low - sold

team red/beige dunk low - personal collection

UNC/cobalt dunk low - personal collection

dark brown dunk hi - personal collection

brown/tan af1 low - personal collection

rayguns home af1 - personal collection

sixers barkley AF2 - high&mighty

navy/storm blue jordan 1 - dunkin deeznuts

michigan dunk low - dunkin deeznuts

cobalt/grey dunk low - personal collection RIP

chocolate/vanilla/gum af1 - personal collection

white/orange af1 - sold

jordan-ish dunk low - personal collection

black/red reverse dunk low - personal collection

UCLA af1 low - DJ EMZ

camo dunk low - sold

blk/gold af2 - high&mighty

navy/UNC af2 - high & mighty

team red/sky blu dunk low - sold

blk/red forum lo - air rev (hehe the blk/silver twin brother is coming!!! really!!)

brazil af1 low - sold

beige af1 low - dagan (prohibit)

wht/camo af1 low - prohibit excl.

brown camo af1 - will (stussy ny)

tan camo af1 - AIR MACK'$

grey/navy/orange dunk low - hodog

clippers af1 low - sold

brazil2 af1 - DJ EMZ

red/gold af1 - DJ EMZ

steam/yellow dunk low - prohibit

pink/rose dunk low - prohibit

blk/red af1 low - buttarican

'raiders' dunk low - rbizness

blue tone dunk hi - sold

vikings af1 low - DJ homicide

USC af1 low - personal collection

wht/green af1 low - sold

grey/antifreeze af1 low - will (stussy ny)

black toe jordan 1 - personal collection

steam/beige dunk low - prohibit

navy/unc af1 low - DJ homicide

olympic jordan 1 -personal collection

golden state jordan 1 - orindahoops

eastern conference af1 - high & mighty

linen/navy af1 low - personal collection

steam/vapor dunk low - personal collection

tan/orange camo af1 low - personal collection

navy/UNC ice af1 low - tommy (prohibit)

black meth york dunk low - personal collection

indy silver-fade af1 low - solidgoldplayer (jshort and YTV, these are coming to u soon!!)

black/grey camo af1 low - buttarican

olympic 'methpreme' dunk low - personal collection

desert camo af1 low - omegastarz

army camo af1 low - omegastarz

celtic af1 low - prohibit

grey/red camo af1 low - lax09

reverse raygun af1 low - personal collection

'loon' af1 - LOON

USC dunk low - aaronB1109

grey/navy/antifreeze dunk hi - relish

safari af1 - personal collection

olive/gold dunk low - personal collection

grey/burgundy af1 mid - personal collection

nuggets af1 low - fabolous

white/cement-red dunk low - personal collection

black/grey/red trainer 1 - personal collection

chocolate/cyber af1 low - prohibit

silver/royal af1 low - sold

red/stone/ dunk low - sold

white/black/grey dunk low - sold

grey meth york dunk low - kelly gontamantaro

argon hitop dunk - personal collection

blk/infrared jordan VI low - personal collection


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Joined Feb 12, 2002
its not even funny - my favs are prolly the 3M black dunk lows and all the dunk lows that got a "zoo york" pattern in it - great work meth - it is also clearly visible that you re-invented yourself in that period of time , keep up the great work , but dont you think its kinda sad that you give nike all the nice color-ideas for free?
wanted: am95 and dunks - size 13​
Joined Apr 4, 2001
Nice work Meth. I really like the brazil looking Air Force 1's and as Always the Rayguns are straight fire.
"Hooters,Hooters,Yum,Yum,Yum,Hooters,Hooters on a Girl That's Dumb" Al Bundy
Joined Aug 7, 2001
I've always been diggin' those Camo/safety orange since the first time I saw them. But, I'm also really likin' what you did with the AF1 L/M-esp. the grey/antifreeze, I may have to hit you off on a pair of those for my self...
Anyway, as usual, you da man.
Joined Apr 15, 2001
Damn Meth.. there are too many hot ones to pick just one.

But its hard to top any of your camo AF1's that have the plain swoosh.
I need a "methadized" pair of AF1's please holla at me.

And damn those Black low 3m dunks do look pretty hot huh?
Thanks again meth.
Joined Dec 8, 1999
That's impressive. I go with the black toe Jordan I too. I am also partial to my Forums.
Joined Jun 12, 2002
Through the always.......

Damn, alot of those look pretty familiar man... igotta say my fave of all those are the same as know..the camo/ orange joints you did for lax.....and I'm really feeling the AF2's...props as!!!

BEAT IT!!!!!!!
Joined Apr 30, 2002 know how I feel about dem rayguns AF1's. those are so INCREDIBLE.
opinions KILLED many.
Joined Jul 11, 2002
Like everyone said it's hard to choose, but I'd say the black rayguns and the Argon blue dunk high's. And then all the zoo york/MA shoes.
Joined May 25, 1999
ANything that has DOO DOO CAMO

or just plan DOO DOO Is my FAVORITE!!!!!!

Meth you the MAN!

Joined Mar 5, 2002
My fravrite are the Black toe 1's as well.

I forgot what else there was, oh yeah. The lightning ones are sick as well.
Joined Aug 2, 2001
Black toe Aj1
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Most of y'all gangster rappers ain't hardcore neither-Binary Stars
Joined Nov 5, 2001
I would have to go with the Black Toe J's, and then the Jordanesque Dunk Lows.

"they feel like they've been put together by ******ed monkeys on crack." - Methamphibian NYC on Jordan Brand
Joined Aug 13, 2000
I've always felt your grafitti/zoo york dunks, and your double line af1's (the ones like the ray guns where there are 2 stripes behind the mid area where the swoosh is)

but i think the shoe that wins it, hands down is the blk/red low top vi's! that makes me want to cop a pair, Meth would you be interested in making another pair of those for me if shoes were supplied?
dunks=legal drug money
Joined Jul 1, 2000
Very, very impressive, I wish I lived in NY so I could come to your exhibition.
My favorites would be the black AF1 with gum sole, the Jordanesque dunks (as someone put it) and I have to agree with the majority on the black toe AJ1's. Keep doing what you do best...
Joined Jul 5, 2001

I have to save all those pics to my comp...

My Faves:
Road Rays
Home Rays
Black/grey camo
All of the Camos
The black toe J's
GSW colors

Too many to list....Dope work Metha.....

Holla FRONT!
Joined Aug 31, 2002
i'd have to go with orange/camos and the ones you did for loon
these pics are almost like a timeline of your work, and where your at currently I couldn't see how you possibly improve
Joined Apr 24, 2002
Nice pics.

My favorites:

the Blue, Red, Ice sole AF1's (w/ the fading red swoosh)

white, navy, black dunk lo, with the crazy blue zoo york type print

white/black/elephant print supremish dunks

and the silver ones with the blue swoosh and ice soles (although I probably wouldnt have the guts to wear those)

Oh, and mine (the 3m grey, white with camo swoosh), :smile:

WANTED: SIZE 13 Air Max 90 Escapes and white supremes!!!!


Joined Jun 17, 2001
Wow,you really have an imagination.I have respect for your talent,for what ever that's worth!

Joined May 21, 2002
White / orange
sliver / white
green / white
wht / wht / red / gold
white / green
white / orange / camo (prollay my faves)
white / green / yellow

see ya at the show!


Joined Dec 9, 1999
wow meth those bring back memiories(sp?) man i remember the old school aj5 and aj6 customs. u also had a line of blk/grey kix out for a while. man u came a long way bro. hope u have a great opening for your show. wish i could make it.

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