Michigan heads, check in!

May 1, 2006
hey fellow michigan nters i just wanna know if anybody from MI is in my area. post where you live and your fav. shoe

im in flint, and i like the infrared 6's

p.s anybody know where i can get some aj 13's at or want to trade with me? i wear a size 9.5-10
reppin the M-I, til I die. although, right now i'm in kuwait.

k-zoo area...true blue III's...
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St. Clair Shores
1st series SB's

lookin for them if you got them, sz 11.5 - 12!!!!!!!!!!!!
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St. Clair Shores

no way
im in clinton township
and your a size 12?! :wow:

how old are you?
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Lol we always checking in and never have a decent summit. Anyways

Most jordans and AF1's
I am at the rip old age of 26, getting old sucks, its hard to keep up with the young cats!
Haters Need To Hate Harder!!
northville via detroit
IV's and VII's
adidas tuscany (goodyears)

im 26 also.....so i guess im in the club
Come on now. I'm 33 and still hangin tough.
I'm about to hit San Francisco this weekend to check Shoe Biz on Haight and party like I'm 21 again.
MI head via Alabama here. Used to live in Grand Rapids until last month. I thought I had you guys beat--27 here.
I saw someone at macomb mall yesterday rocking stash p-rods. whos was it? i know it was one of you
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^^I was rocking them the other day, and I was at the mall. But you will know its me. I am the only 260lb white dude I see in the that mall with fresh kicks.

So it might have been me!
Haters Need To Hate Harder!!
lol yea it was prbly you then
were u wearin a DC shoes fitted?
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^^^No DC fitted, I dont rock hats.....wow some I cant believe some one else had not only my kicks on, but some thing that was not Jordans or Air 1's :lol:

Haters Need To Hate Harder!!
Up until last week I was from Royal Oak (via Mt Clemens), now I'm in southern VA.

I can't believe you still go to Macomb Mall for kicks, that place is the trashiest mall around and screams straight East Side.
first off... i dont go there for kicks i work there... second off... yes it is straight trash but they get pretty much all the jordan releases

and yea, i cant even believe there are 2 people in the entire state of michigan that own stash prods
My sig is better than yours.
JJ.. what store do you work at??

i'm reppin canton btw.. fav shoes.. dunks and am90s
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