Michigan Lets Start a Regular Event!!!

Aug 1, 2005
I know that everyone knows about the Burn Rubber 1 year anniversary that happened last year. And I know you all are waiting for the next one which will go down sometime during the first week of september.

But how come we dont put some stuff together wear we can all get down and show off our crazy heat, without fear of some one scuffing or spilling on my kicks in the club?

Just a thought for all of us to ponder!!!
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yea, i think about putting something like this together. i know allot of people that would be down for this and could probably pull it off without using up to many favors. still debating it, but am pretty busy right now with personal stuff. i'm getting married next month and i'm getting my DJ company up and running. maybe at the end of the year or beginning of next year.
good idea. ferrari, have you checked out launch and footprints on south u? they've been getting some ok stuff. there's also burn rubber in royal oak. i'm really not too much up on spots (i've only been into stuff outside of gen. release jordans and air maxes for a little while). i'm in ann arbor for school, let me know if you find some spots aroud se mich.
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I will be down for this too. Or some kind of summit.

Hit up stores, Tigers game, then hang out at Hard Rock Cafe or something!!
Always down for a summit but please no tigers games (im starting to hate my job)
So somebody should start a thread if ya really want to do a summit type thing on the RD of the grapes. I mean, even if just all of us cop them from a Downtown shoe store, then hang out at a couple spots down there, at least we hung out and met each other.

It dont even have to be one of those summits where we have something at a park. Just: Cop Grapes, eat somewhere doen there, then hang out at the movies or something...who knows...just something simple...for now.
Just a suggestion, but I think burn rubber is doing some event October 5th or someting like that. I'd probably be down to meet some heads from the area and it seems like that might be a good place to do it since entertainment, etc. is already going on. They are also having a best sneaker contest, I don't really have any heat that is rare enough to win, but it should be fun either way.

We should all just post up there and represent for NT
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well I am down for the coppin of the grapes or even the green beans....Some one that has more time than me has to step up, my job takes most of my time, but if I need to get some time off I can swing that.

Also this is what I know about the burn rubber 2nd anniversary party.
Best Sneaker contest, hottest collection contest (bring your best 10 pairs), best outfit, and there more than likely will be door prizes since that is what they did last year.

If we wait for that, then I am down too, but either way bring some heat, cuz me and my boys pack tuffness.
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^ Hahaha, best outfit? Did they do that last year??? I heard about the event but I didn't make it down there.

That seems a little absurd to me though, I mean what are they judging on? Most expensive pair of jeans? Rarest t-shirt/hoody? I understand the sneaker competition, but for some reason having a bape hoody and a pair of Evisu jeans doesn't seem all that impressive to me. Ah well, I will still be representing with my $40 levis/polo jeans and a $25 tee.
"Bring your heater when you come to the D, that's why the invitation reads B.Y.O.G"... R.I.P. Dilla
I am down for whatever!! We can meet for both the grapes and beans release, it dont matter to me. We can also do that burn rubber event. By the way...thats the store in RO right?

Anybody from Michigan can hit me up on YIM:

detroit7mile@sbcglobal.net <---thats the whole screen name
Im down for meeting up for both releases and the burn rubber event but i refuse to give that certain store downtown my money.

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I'm down for the Burn Rubber event. For all you "sneakerheads" that like that stuff I don't wear, lol, there is a store called Classic Kicks on Forest and Woodward in Detroit.
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I mean what are they judging on? Most expensive pair of jeans? Rarest t-shirt/hoody?

Its not like that, I have a feeling its going to be themed. People are using thier sneakers to cap off an wierd look.

Think golf outfit with the golf sb's, or a lumber jacks hookup with the new flannel sb blazers.
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Im Down 4 A Summit And The Burn Rubber Party. I Dont Care If I Am The Only Female. Damon Hit Me Up With Details.
Where everybody copping green beans at? I'll most likely be at eastkand mall around 8am
you guys did not have to get any where early for the greenbean release. I am watching the Michigan game then going to stroll in and pick my pair up.....what do you guys think of the girls V's that came out today....I try to pick up every pair that I can fit and since these came in a girls 13 I was thinking about picking them up.

see you all when we are fighting for extra pairs of grapes!! :rofl:

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Yea i started to go at 8 but ended up sleeping in. Bout to scroll out now to cop green beans and maybe i can find a sz. 13 for the sunsets
did anything come of this? anyone meet up?
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Nope, nothing ever comes of these, I tried but :rolleyes

just have to wait untill the anniversary party's
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