Michigan Man Killed in Fight Over Dinner Rolls by her own....daughter smh

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"Fatal Food Dispute: A 62-year-old man was stabbed to death Monday at his Melvindale, Mich., home during an argument with hisdaughter over dinner rolls, police said. The daughter, 42, was arrested as a suspect in the death."

He was shot a few times and stabbed over Dinner Rolls? The daughter was saving them for dinner but the father ate them so she killed him. They are justrolls..food!! for $%#% sake LOL. On Memorial day too!!

link: http://www.clickondetroit...ideo/19561572/index.html

got this from another forum....


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Thats her papa, whats wrong with her?

What wrong with people in general?
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The title of the thread doesn't make sense unless this guy was some post-op ******.

As far as the story I'm not surprised or disturbed with this one. A lot of you should read the introduction chapters of the Lucifer Effect to see whatmankind is really capable of.
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