Middletown, CT...Places to Live

Mar 9, 2003
A buddy of mine just landed a job in Middletown CT. Was wondering if anyone from there (or who is familiar with the area) has any insight into apartment complexes or condo type establishments that might be a good place to start looking. I have done the web searches and things of that nature but I am looking for some first hand accounts, not realator BS. Thanks in advance.

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Live practically on the middletown line, but in the next town over, i would look into seeing if he could pay the rent on a two family house, but if not the apartments right off route 66, sunset or sunrise maybe , dont remember the name, are pretty nice, also ones next to A&P Plaze, im told are really nice. just try and stay outta the downtown area or have him check out portland which is another town right on the border of mtown
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