MJ Pics in Kicks "Standing" Edition

Joined Jun 14, 2006
Most of the time, we see Jordan in old photos driving, shooting, dunking, defending, flying.... But here's a compilation of him, simply standing/walking(& sometimes, posing somewhat "girly" LOL) with all the OG heat in him...

(By the way, I know no one cares since this is irrelevant but look at the posting time & date & number below my avatar...

& for all the haters once again, the best of both worlds.. Two MJ's in one pic

Joined Jul 8, 2008
some nice pics there, are the first pics Jordan 1's or just nikes and whats up with the number 12 when his wearing the V's
Joined Dec 16, 2008
^ M.J. came out wearing No. 12 against the Magic coz his No. 23 jersey was stolen before the Chicago Bulls' game at Orlando on Feb. 14, 1990
Joined Aug 10, 2008
the number sequence under your avatar is..... crazy. Hmmmmm it might mean conformation for you. If you see it three more times let me know.
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