MJ's own UNC PE VI

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Came across this recently and wanted to share (I don't think this has been previously posted) with the NT community. A little back story so bear with me...

After UNC won the national championship in 2017, the entire team was gifted a pair of white PE VIs (pic below). My understanding is that only the players on the team received a pair (meaning there are 12-15 total pairs in existence).

UNC has won six national championships. The year of each championship is stitched around the heel, as you can see...but JB did something special with the details (love it when they do this!!) and outlined the "17" in gold to honor the UNC team's accomplish...really cool way to recognize them and do something unique for the team!!!

Now, you're probably saying, I thought this was about MJ's PE -- this is!! I think the backstory above makes this cooler!!

I recently came across a pic of MJ's blue PE VI and they're below. I believe this pic originated from Trophy Room. Anyway, same concept as the shoes above, except JB outlined the "82" in gold -- the year MJ hit the game winner against Georgetown.

How cool is that!!

I love this stuff!!!!!!

PS -- here is a link to the national championship team unboxing their white PEs....really cool!!

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Whatev ... should have never been in the title game. Freakin Willis left his damn man watching the ball and left that bum Maye open. Ruined Malik Monk's heroics :angry: :smh:

Made me sit thru heartache only a month after Atlanta F'd up the Super Bowl :angry:

They cool .. i guess
Joined May 31, 2020
The blue pair are hard af. I'd take a GR with out the numbers, plz
That'd be so sick.

Did you notice the argyle on the inside of the tongue? That's unique to UNC too...these are so cool.

I would LOVE to see some of MJ's other PEs like these.
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