MLK Nike Outlet Report???

Feb 4, 2004
I'll be headed to Portland for the weekend and gotta do my routine of hitting up the Nike Outlet on MLK Blvd. Anyone been there recently, in the last week or so? Just wondering what they got. Looking for Jordan clothes, Jordan shoes, Nike Frees, Cross Trainers. Any info on what they got would be great.
they had jordan 3 cool grey but all gone now. please give us a report when you're back from your trip.
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if youre coming from WA, stop by the Centralia outlet too on your way down. I didnt think much of their shoe selection when I was there, but I loved the clothing. Much better selection than what I found in the MLK outlet
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Nah, I'm coming from Moscow, Idaho. Any other stuff besides just the Cool Grey III's? Anyone?

Yes, I'll have to remember to give an update when I get back.
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