Model your FEET?????

Joined Dec 8, 2006
So im looking around craigslist and I see this......

I need guys who would be willing to model their feet with cars. Each session pays $100 each session, can do as many sessions as you like, and must consent tohaving face, body, and feet filmed. No sexual activity or nudity is involved at all. However, you must be reasonably attractive. If you are interested pleaserespond with pic of your face and bare feet along with times you would be available for the shoot. Each session takes about 20 to 30 minutes and is completelylegit. Cash on the spot.

Would you guys do it??
If i go im def not goin unarmed but..i mean its easy money...and nobody else is hiring at the moment.
Joined Dec 8, 2006
hahhaa...first thing came to my mind...i just dont know though....but 100 dollars is alot to a broke college student looking for a job....but if its a sketchguy on some @*+* +*+ then im not doin it
Joined Jan 8, 2009
Originally Posted by KAM WINSTON

sounds like someone has a fetish to me
I would go with other people if i did that.. just incase.. there are some sick people out there...
Joined Nov 11, 2007
^Don't post that nasty crap >_<<br /> Op that whole thing sounds like some sus some stuff. Come back 2 days later posting "birthday rapept 2" vol. they got me in the exhaust..
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