[| -- Mods: Random NIKETALK Members are getting BANNED by YUKU (Vol. E-Swine Flu) -- |]

Joined Jun 4, 2008
wait true_3_blue or something????
cuz if so damn..thats the ps3 fam right there.. and he rarely ever does anything bad


formerly diplomat tdot
Joined Jun 26, 2002
Originally Posted by Lazy B

What he get banned for? That's some ol @%%*+@%$.
No need to get excited
there's probably a good reason or simple mistake he just wanted one of the mods to reach out or someone to providecontact info which someone just posted.
Joined Jun 29, 2008
Originally Posted by Lrrr

how the $$*$ do you get banned from yuku
You can get banned from Yuku. Someone has to report you to the Yuku staff or you do something that is bad. I guess you don't rememberJRoseSucks**** from last summer.
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