MOM and POP shop CLOSED.......NE DC...

Joined Feb 24, 2008
To all my DMV heads,

I know some of you will have no idea as to what I am writing of, but here we go.......

There was a local mom and pop shop in NE DC (i'll leave name out). Theres no other spot i would go to. they also have a spot in NY.
Now i have to drive way out (quoting My-T "your local fairytale spot") to get anything early.

4 -5 months ago i went in and they (Indian guys aka "Habeebs") told me
that they were closing up shop and moving. I asked if they were staying local and they said "yes, or maybe PG and we will even have the same name andnumber".

Its been like 4-5 months I called same # and its disconnected. looked them up online and nothing.

Does anyone have any updates?

Thanx in advance.
Joined Feb 27, 2001
why did you tell everyone about his secret spot in the RI center that is now closed..
Joined Feb 24, 2008
Originally Posted by Savonne

Athletes World never really had $h*t...


and if they didnt have it, you could always order from the NY store...
Joined Aug 8, 2003
I thought it was a pretty decent spot..

They use 2 split up countdown packs which was a real good look

Thats 2 bad tho, I think the main reason they probably closed is not enough foot traffic, that'll happen when your inthe cut like that...
Joined Feb 25, 2007
damn, that does suck. i'd go in every now and again, but they never had anything in a 15, so i couldn't really buy too much from them.
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