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    Game Tonight: The Houston Texans will visit the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium at in Baltimore, Maryland. You can start watching at 8:30 p.m. EST on ESPN. We are now in the Week 12 of 17 Monday Night Football games.

    29 NFL teams are alive and kicking, and aiming for their spot in the Playoffs. We have the top candidates below. If we end the season last night, these 12 teams will have a guaranteed slot in the playoffs. Though, you need to check the result of tonight Monday Nigh Football match between the Texans and the Ravens.

    ===== AFC =====

    1. New England Patriots (9-2)

    The Patriots just secured their seventh win in a row, the last victim were the Dolphins. With 3 wins ahead of the Bills in the AFC East, they are on the road to defend their title. Still a rough road though.

    2. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-2)

    After a slim win against the Packers their hopes of clinching home-field advantage for the playoffs is still alive and kicking.

    3. Tennessee Titans (7-4)

    4. Kansas City Chiefs (6-5)

    Alex Smith or the rookie Patrick Mahomes II?

    5. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-4)

    Grab the opportunity.

    6. Buffalo Bills (6-5)

    Stay tuned with the result of tonight's Monday Night Football game. If the Ravens win, they'll tie up with the Bills' 6-5 record and it will become more interesting.

    Trying to be in the playoffs: Baltimore Ravens (5-5), Cincinnati Bengals (5-6), Los Angeles Chargers (5-6), Oakland Raiders (5-6).

    ==== NFC ====

    1. Philadelphia Eagles (10-1)

    The Eagles is the first team with double-digit wins this season. They are killing it, but upcoming games against the Seahawks and Rams will prove their case for - even the Super Bowl.

    2. Minnesota Vikings (9-2)

    Like the Eagles, let's see what happens when they face Atlanta and Carolina.

    3. Los Angeles Rams (8-3)

    Week 15 game will be critical.

    4. New Orleans Saints (8-3)

    Week 13 game is also critical.

    5. Carolina Panthers (8-3)

    The next two games are significant.

    6. Atlanta Falcons (7-4)

    The next two games are significant.

    Trying to be in the playoffs: Seattle Seahawks (7-4), Detroit Lions (6-5)
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