MOTIVE 807 re-up!!! 9/8/06

Nov 1, 2002
[h3]Hi everyone, hope you have had a good week so far. We have some new arrivals to tell you about. Today is the launch for the Air-U-Breath pack from Nike, pictures are included below. The jackets are also available, they are $120 each. The bomber jacket New Balance series is also available now, they include 3 colorways of the M576 made to resemble war time bomber jackets. You will also find pictured a few Adidas Y-3 models which are 30% off. Please call us if you have any questions, have a good weekend.

1. Air Stab $120
2. Air Max 360 $160
3. Air Max 1 $120
4. Womens AF1 $75
5. M576 $150
6. M576 $150
7. M576 $150
8. Y-3
9. Y-3

710 Brazos, Austin TX 78701
(512) 275-7385

[h3]9/1/06 Hi everyone, hope your week has been going well. Heres a quick update of our new arrivals, sorry to those who stopped by while we were closed last monday and tuesday. New drops include items from Vans, Adidas, and tees from Lemar & Dauley and Recon. Also, we will be having a sale on Adidas Y-3 shoes, 30% off all styles. Please call if you have any questions, have a nice long weekend.

BTW, we will be open on Monday.

1. Vans Pendelton Wool Slip-On $60
2. Vans Pendelton Wool Slip-On $60
3. Vans Slip-On Wool with Leather Overlay $75
4. Vans Slip-On LX Purple Velvet $60
5. Vans Pendelton Wool Sk8-Hi $75
6. Vans Pendelton Wool Sk8-Hi $75
7. Adidas Superstar 1 Lux $150
8. Adidas Superstar 1 Lux $150
9. Adidas Superstar 1 Lux $150
10. Adidas Stan Smith Safety Comfort $90
11. Lemar and Dauley $35
12. Recon R3N $28, Wraparound $30
13. Recon Barb by Futura $28, All Over Money $30

710 Brazos, Austin TX 78701
(512) 275-7385

EST. 1999

I try to hit up Austin at least 3 tymes a month, but not for the Capital or tha Longhorns...... Go there for the best sneaker spot in Texas. Dont miss this jewel if u r in Austin. From sweet kix to some top of the line New Era wigz. I guarantee u will leave tha store fellin great bout the customer service. Man I leave broke and HAPPY :D

To me the man is a sneakerhead llyke tha rest of us, he dont turn his nose to anyone. My 70 yrs old Pops be leavin wit sum kix in wear too. :pimp:

"We r, we b, cus we never wuz."
man ima go to san antonio this week... is atx far from SA?
ive been wanting to hit up motive forever but houstons so far...
we'll see...

sup fahad!

was in austin last weekend, but wasn't able to get to Motive while the store was open. spent some time looking through the windows on friday night though, haha
whats up fahad! thanks for letting me and my brother in law was a long wait but it was worth it! let me know on that sz 13,and sz 7 af1 when it comes in.
Is Motive getting the all white premium AF1 that drop this Saturday? I'm thinking about going there.
Tempted to go and pick up a pair of the Foams. Wish you guys would've gotten the Clerk Pack. I was dying for that dunk, lol ...
What up Fahad keep doing ur thing, im gonna try to hit up motive in the next couple of weeks
I had called your store in regards to some shoes coming out next week. The person who talked to me seemed knowledgeable about this release, but today I went to your store to see what it was about. Let me tell you, the guy at the counter, really lacked people skills. Never did he even welcomed us nor did he even bother to see if we were looking for something specific. I asked him about the release, he acted like I didnt know what I was talking about.

I was going to take alot of loyal customers to your place. Simply sad to see those kind of people working in stores.

For what its worth, I know the guy who answered the phone, is not that guy at the store today.

^^^^^ WHAT ^^^^
WOW is all I can say. I have been a loyal customer to Motive for some time now. I have been treated with the highest of customer service from this store that there is. I tell you Motive is the epitome of customer service. Me myself being in retail understands the value of that and if every worker I hav had was like Fihad things would run smoother.

I even had a problem occur, that wasnt the stores fault, and when the other party didnt take care of it he did out of his pocket mind you! I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way. I am an avid shoe collecter and been to sneaker stores through out the country and he is one of the best.Well things happen, and being a loyal customer I will apologize for what happen, as I am sure he will too. Motive 807 is great and you and the other loyal customers go back and give it another chance and I am sure you will walk away pleased.

Ursoleprovider. :wink:
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