Mouth Swab Drug Test??

Mar 5, 2007
So I have a mouth swab test and dont smoke a lot, but I blew a blunt about 2 weeks-2 1/2 weeks ago, is this test more effective then urine tests and what aremy chances of passing?

Thanks in advance
MilitaryIV came to me with the same problem. Drink a #!%+$*+* of 100% Cranberry Juice. It worked for him I don't see why it wouldn't work for you. Mybuddy Lonnie works at a place that does mouth swabs and he said theres a bunch of things that can throw it off. Some examples he gave was eat some garlic,smoke a cigarette, mouthwash RIGHT before you take it (might be kinda hard to do), and chew a piece of strong gum. I haven't tried my buddies method asI've never had a Mouth Swab test. Good luck with it though!
^ cool, thanks bro. been lookin all over google and only stats came up. Ima jus cop com CJ tomorrow and stoge one before I go. lol good lookin tho.'preciate it
Haha all you have to do is brush your teeth before one of these to pass. If you havent smoked in 2 weeks you should be good

I took one and the guy doing the test and i quote said "you have to be a gutter addict not to pass one of these"

This test is by far the least easiest to pass.

Its weird tho i pissed for one for a job and there was no way i was clean and i still got the job so good luck with that you should be money.
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