*Moving from Bay Area to Portland, OR, for UO Help, Advice!*

Mar 28, 2004
Sup Northwest NTers, I am moving from the Bay Area to get Oregon residency for U Oregon, in state tuition. I'll be living there for a year and transfer in the Fall 08' semester. I will be doing Sports Marketing as my major and am turning to my fellow NTers for advice, help, suggestions because many of you have moved, gone to college and could give me some very useful advice. Any Portland residents with some info on the city, places to work/ make money. Getting to know some people, some NTers in my new spot and play some hoop would be great. I'm tryin to find a place right now, looking into moving in with some roomates, have a family friend who works at Nike WHQ, so get a job hopefully soon.

Also, any UO students, alumni with some info would be awesome too.

That Bryce Taylor is so hot right now...

Franco F R S H Shade ... Too Fresh

no advice or ideas.

just wanna wish you good luck. do they have a good sports marketing program down there?

and why did u choose UO over all the schools in Cali?
aim- watch0utitskevin
email- kevinhan206@yahoo.com
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