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yo im thinking about moving to a community college in santa barbara or a place 30 minutes out of sacramento. It would be helpfull to get some feed back from residents to see what you guys think. I like to rap/make beats,skate,snowboard. I haven't officially performed anywhere and was wondering what you guys think would be a better place to start? Thanks for the love.
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I'd say the music/snowboard/skate scene is more robust down here in LA/OC. Check out Santa Monica college, Fullerton College, Goldenwest College, Cypress college or Saddleback College.
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I'm from Santa Barbara / Santa Maria originally -- the Central Coast area is very low key and laid back. As Mecks said, Santa Barbara is a "college town". You're right by the beach, but a drive away from the mountains if you want to snowboard.

I'm not too familiar with the Sacramento area, though. But if you want to immerse yourself in the skate/music scene, Los Angeles is the way to go. The city is vast, as is your selection of community colleges.
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Santa Barbara is very chill and kind of set in its way, down in LA/Orange County you get an array of everything. but with any type of move, make sure you got your finances set. 
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It all depends on you

Do you want to start in a small environment vs a large environment?

which do you think you would work best in
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