Moving to New York City

Apr 10, 2005
hey all,

my wife and i will be moving to new york city from seattle this summer because she just got accepted to nyu. any pointers on finding a decent apartment in the city? like, what are some cool/not-as-cool areas to live in, and how do you get around the income requirement crap i see all over? i'll be a college graduate (univ. washington), so hopefully i'll be able to find a halfway decent paying job, but am doubtful i'll be able to meet the income level required for renting most apts when we first move there.

thanks, and maybe i'll see you around.
First let me start off with the words, Good Luck. Finding housing in NYC is a very tricky situation. In all 5 boroughs, there are hundreds of neighborhoods, offering dynamic choices. Coming from an area like Seattle, you may find yourself gravitating towards areas of lower Manhattan, or certain areas of Brooklyn. The major problem that you will encounter is that for a reasonably sized apartment in a desireable area,such as SoHo you're looking at upwards of $3000 a month. In reference to price fixed housing. You are almost guarenteed that you will not find a unit. Waiting lists are very long, I've heard of people waiting 15yrs for a unit to become available. If you are willing to live in more diverse communties though, there are places available in areas like the Bronx or Washington Hts. that are reasonably priced. Around a $1000 for 2 bedroom. I would advocate looking in New Jersey as well. There is a vast amount of housing that is more affordable. And the NJ Transit system is rather decent, with many train lines and stations. Also this could allow you to live in the suburban areas while still expericing NY daily. If you need any more info, you can PM me or hit the same name on AIM. Hope I helped.
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What school did your wife get accepted to at NYU? I'm applying to Stern (business) for the Spring '07. If she is going to Stern for her MBA I'd like to email her a few questions.

If your wife is going to Stern, the law school, or any other college at their Washington Square campus I have good news for you: Flight Club is three blocks away.
PM'd and I forgot to mention NJ, there are quite a few solid "Family" type of neighborhoods there, as long as you dont mind a bit of traveling daily, not too much more than regularly.
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If you move out to Brooklyn, it'll be a lot cheaper than Manhattan and you're still close to NYU via subway depending on where you settle. I think that's your best option, or NJ as mentioned above.

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depending on the type of neighborhood you are looking for, i can testify that brooklyn would give you more square foot bang for your buck than manhattan (wash heights, harlem, and pretty much anywhere above 96th street as the exceptions).

depending on what you are seeking, check out the following areas in brooklyn (the prices range from $1200 to $2000 for a two bedroom):

- downtown brooklyn (a little more commercial, not as vibrant).
- park slope (where i live -- somewhat diverse, but getting gentrified really quickly. lots of restaurants, bars and small stores).
- sunset park (mostly puerto rican folk).
- ft. greene (afro-bohemain area -- where i grew up).
- clinton hill (a little more "hood").
- cobble hill (pretty gentrified).
- carroll gardens (pretty gentrified).

i live on 18th street between 5th and 6th avenue, i'm a five minute walk to the prospect ave stop, the neighborhood is pretty safe, and we pay $1700 a month for a three bedroom.
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